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First Venison roast

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Do you need to put the roast in ice water in the fridge to bleed it out for a 2-3 days prior to marinating it? Does this really do anything or can I just marinate it for 2 days then smoke it? I plan on putting some rub on it and putting a few cloves of garlic into the meat too. 


What IT should I smoke to for just slicing or making sammies? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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I don't soak. Their is nothing wrong with soaking. I shoot for 135° IT. I also go for heavy smoke. If you do a reverse sear it is over the top! If you can control heat real well set your smoker on 175° for 3.5 hours. Then put it on a SCREAMING hot grill or cast iron skillet to sear. Let rest before slicing.

Happy smoken.


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I prefer to wrap mine with bacon, it will help prevent it from drying out while smoking it :drool:……SB

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