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Hidey-ho everybody

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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Tristan I am originally from West Virginia but currently living in Germany. Growing up I would help my dad smoke on a home-made off-set we had in the back yard, but for some reason I haven't smoked anything in years. Due to the many stories of people not being able to ship their grill/smoker back to the states, I decided to not go for a super nice smoker I opted for the cheap Char-broil vertical charcoal smoker from walmart. I have done my research and done most of the mods to make it work good; I got the grill-top wok, sand in the water tray, and a better thermometer. I have searched around locally for the felt seal but came up empty-handed so I will order some online. I've been reading on here for several weeks now but decided to make my presence known this morning. Tschüs!

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Hello Tristan, and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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Welcome to the forum. Glad you got back into smoking. Show those guys some great west virginia bbq over there.
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