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I need some advice,


I've cooked some large 15+ lb briskets on my big pipe smoker using coals from a pit fire and it took about 1.5 hrs per lb. However, I just purchased a little MASTERBILT PRO electric smoker and read I need to plan to smoke the meat 1.5 hrs per lb. However, due to the size of this little smoker I purchase two small 7 lb briskets so I could get 1 on two shelves. My concern is, these two little 7lb briskets are much thinner than a typical 15lb brisket. I'm thinking 2 small 7lb briskets will cook in about 8 to 10 hrs vs 15 to 20 hrs of a thicker 15 lb brisket.


I need these ready around noon tomorrow and trying to figure when to put these on. Am I on the right track with a 8-10 hr cook time ?


Thanks for your help!