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Landmann propane smoker regulator

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I need to replace the regulator on my Landmann propane smoker but am having some issues with the connection to the smoker. Looking to replace the original one with a 10 psi regulator and needle valve, which on here seems like a common mod. On the smoker side it looks like a 1/4" MNPT connection but all the regulators have hoses that end in 3/8" female flair connections. I thought about just using the hose from the old regulator but that's only rated for 1 psi and being a flammable gas (and me being an engineer) that doesn't sit well with me. Am I missing something here? I have to assume I'm not the only one with a Landmann that has tried this. Any help/ideas are much appreciated.

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I am curious as to why you want to go to a 10 psi regulator.  On my Landman GOSM,  I simply put a needle valve in the line close to the regulator and it works 100% for me.  I can't see any advantage in the higher pressure regulator.

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I couldn't get mine to go above 300 deg and for chicken I typically smoke at 350. Maybe it's just a bad regulator. Got the one I bought to work with a brass pipe fitting from the local store. Seems to work great for now. Just needed to be creative on the connections.

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Whatever works!


Glad you got the problem solved. 

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