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Did my first brisket today and would appreciate feedback. (It's in towels now so the most important feedback, the taste, will have to wait.) Using all the advice I can glean from this great forum, and the butcher/smoker guy too.


Did an 8 lb flat, expensive meat from a good butcher. Dry rub, overnite in fridge. MES40 Gen1, AMNPS, maintained 220 to 230 smoker temp thruout. Measuring IT with Maverick, Thermapen, and the meat probe in the MES, and they all agree within a couple degrees.


Want slicing brisket for pretty sandwiches. So I'm shooting for about 195, and tender to the probe all the way in. Temp readings were consistently hotter in the thicker/fat portion of the meat, 5-8 deg lower in the lean thin portion. I'd expected the thicker part to cook more slowly and be cooler. Foiled it in the 160's because it seemed like it was taking forever, and sure enough it went up faster in the foil. When we got in the 180's. I got nervous about which reading to trust. By 190 in the fat end, it was very tender to a probe but the lean end wasn't fully tender at 184. I finally bailed out at 196 fat end 189 thin end, tho the center of the thin end didn't feel real tender yet. This is at a little over 18 hours.


So it's too late to fix this one if I've made a bad call, but do you regularly see the fat end running warmer than the thin end? Is this because it's fattier in the thick end? So which area do you use for temp and tenderness readings?


Thanks a bunch,


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18 hours for an 8lb flat seems insane. Have you calibrated your smoker therm? At that amount of time id bet your therm is off.
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Very common for the fatter part (aka the point) to cook faster than the thinner part (aka the flat). Monitor the temp in the point as it will usually get done quicker although in my old mes gen 1 40 I would put the brisket so that the point was on the left side of the rack which tends to be cooler and sonetimes it would all finish at the same time. When you find the point done just separate the point and wrap and rest whole the flat finishes.
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This was a great read! Just got my first smoker so in trying to get as much info as I can.

My wife is a HUGE brisket fan. I'm more of a pork guy but I conceded to do a brisket for my first "real" smoke.
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smoking a 20lb brisket at 225 in a mes any idea on how long it will take?

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If you do it at 225 it's probably going to take 24+ hours. Do it at 275 and it'll go faster.
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They got done were only 2 lb each
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