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First turkey.

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Put a 20 lb bird in at 1:00. Kept the smoker temp at approx. 325-350 the whole time. Hit the 140 mark at just under 3.5 hrs. It finished up at about 5.5 hrs. I did this bird naked, no rub, brine or anything. Came out tasty, juicy, and the wife loved it. I smoked it with hickory the entire time, the skin was crispy and delicious. I also used chef Jimmy's recipe for some awesome turkey gravy. Enjoy the q-view.

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Nice looking bird.I like the KISS method when smoking most of the time, let the meat stand on its own.



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Great looking bird! Hey if you are still making those brownie points with the bride..... I say cook another for the 4th, keep those brownie points rolling in~!  You can never have enough brownie points!


I just had Turkey gumbo for dinner and my mouth is still watering now looking at yours!


Job well done    thumb1%20copy.gif

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That bird looks delicious David! I'd tear into a plate of that! drool.gif

Nicely done! icon14.gif

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Thanks guys, I don't know what took me so long to finally put a big bird in that thing. I've had many chickens go through it and they always come out great.
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