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How much to buy

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I generally cook for my family and neighbors but I am cooking for a party of 24-28 adults and could use some help deciding how much to make.

I am making ribs and pulled pork on the smoker the rest I think I have figured out (sides, burgers, dogs). I buy from Sam's club baby-back 3 packs and shoulder 2 packs how many would you recommend?




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For the pork I figure about 1/3 lb per sandwich so for 24 people you'd need 8 lbs of finished product. Figure you will yield 50-60% from bone in butts so you'd need 16 lbs of raw butt. Ribs I personally would figure 2-3 bones per person since you have so much other meat your cooking. Good luck with the smoke and be sure to post some Qview

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Ditto Piney.
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Sounds right to me!

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