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Spitjack questions

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So I have had my spitjack for about a week and I must say it is a very nice injector. HIgh quality and it works great. I did have a few questions about some of the syringes tho.


system come in a nice case. pretty durable


the gun, cleaner, and syringes. The syringe on the far left as multiple holes on the side. I was thinking about using this on ribs


This is where I am confused. The syringe on the right is normal size. This syringe did come with the system and its the same size as your other syringes. The other syringe is used for what I am assuming is a TREX or some other prehistoric animal. Anyone use this size before? If so what did you use it on?

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I could be wrong but I think it is for an artery pump ie hams

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