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question on St. louis ribs

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I am still very new in the hobby I have so far done pork butts, chicken and turkeys. I am planning on smoking up some nice meaty ribs. My question is when they are in my smoker (masterbuilt gs40) will I have to move them around on the racks? Meaning rotate from top rack to middle to lower? Or will they all cooking pretty much evenly? Also is the 3-2-1 the best method for cook these type of ribs if I'm looking at doing them at 225-240℉? And if any one has any tips or recipes please let me know. Thanks in advance and smoke easy.
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You shouldn't have to move them. The 3-2-1 does a good job for fall off the bone ribs. My favorite rib rub is just equal parts coarse sea salt and coarse ground pepper. Sprinkle evenly over the whole rack. I don't like just S&P on other forms of BBQ, but for ribs it really is amazing.
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