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Liz here, living in Ohio. Purchased a "beginner" Char-Broil smoker, set it up and seasoned it yesterday.

 I lived in Texas for 6 years back in the 80's, so am familiar with really awesome smoked cuisine, hope to replicate it.Favorite ( of course ) is brisket. Bad news is...we can't get just brisket, that I've found  :(

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Welcome Liz, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome to the forum. Lot of great people here willing to share good info. Good luck with your new unit.
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Hello and welcome from East Texas. Try Sam's or Costco


Gary S

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Thanks all. Gary, I will try Sam's, my DD has a membership there. We don't have Costco's  :(

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We don't have a Costco in Tyler, our closest one is in Dallas, so I buy 90% of my smoking meat at Sam's


Gary S

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I used to live in Tyler, on Cherry St., west side of the loop, also in town on Vine St....

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