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Nor-Cal Ohioan

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Hello Everyone!


I realized I usually cook things low and slow in the oven... I also lived in Texas for a while and got hooked on BBQ.


In my mental exploration of various ways to cook cheaply for large groups, I had the idea to use a proofing cabinet as a large vertical oven.  Googling to explore if anyone else had done this led me here.  Awesome!  I love cooking, but am a total newb at bbq and love the idea of adding smoke to the cooking process.  I'm planning on a build/modification thread, and hoping to learn a lot by being here to share knowledge.


Thank you all for being here!

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Welcome to the forum, I really like to watch builds, be sure and post lots of pictures.


Gary S

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Welcome from the Modesto area
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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Gary - I'll be sure to put up lots of pictures - I enjoy those threads too!


MJ - Thanks for being an Oathkeeper!   I'm in the SFBay peninsula.


WaterinHoleBrew - Thanks!


Here's my build thread.

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