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Ugly Drum Smoker

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Has anyone ever done any positive  improvements to their Ugly Drum Smokers ? 


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What kind of improvements are you looking for? Cooking modifications? Or usage modifications?
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They seem to work fine with the KISS method.

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Just wondering about more room & not hurting the smoking ability. 

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Adjustable rack system that allows you to place racks where ever you want. I did this in mine and it has worked out great.
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Do you make or buy these?

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I made mine out of shelf brackets that I modified. Others have used them with the shelf supports. My system can be seen in this thread. It does involve welding all thread to the racks.


here's another option:

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I insulated and wrapped one with a foil type wrap. Taped all seams with aluminum tape. Not only looks good but is easier to control temps, especially in cold weather. Use less charcoal and longer cook times if needed.
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Hello everyone I'm new to smoking and a Made my own from a 55gal drum and used a 20 propane tank for a side hot box.. I can't seem to get the temp over 150 .. can any one help..
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The hole between your firebox and smoke chamber looks really small. It's not letting enough heat in.
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