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JJ was right , don't give up the smoked Wings as they are so easy and  a great snack as you do along cook.


Take a day you can waste (yeah , right ) and play with the smoker to get use to developing TBS :


 Looking closely , you can just see a tinge of blue . . . IMHO , this is perfect :Looks-Great:.


 This is a good smoke , but a bit heavier than "perfect" smoke .


brisket cook 5-17-12 012.JPG And this , IMO , is way too much white , billowing smoke .


Practice , as I mentioned above , is your key to getting a good TBS.


Get your smoke right before you place your food on the smoker. Then with a bit of watching the color and 'smell' of the smoke can help you correct the problem. Alweays leave the exhaust fully open at all times (except when not using the Smoker to keep rain out of the unit.


Smokers are the toys for big boys , and there's no problem in telling your 'significant other' you want to go play with your toy. :banana_smiley:


Have fun and as always . . .

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That's Real Good advice You've been getting Joeboy, and a Great Smoke tutorial from Stan too.

Like they all said, don't give up on your smoked wings.


It won't be long you'll be telling others how Awesome they are, and how to do them!!



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Fired her up yesterday and made some ribs with everyone's advice and trying for more of a TBS using just one apple chunk. I have to say these were damn tasty
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Looking good!! You'll be trying those wings again in no time!
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Originally Posted by Joeboy View Post

Those ribs look great! I had the same experience you did with my propane smoker the first time I tried chicken thighs. Tasted bitter and I remember a slight tingling. The problem...I used too much wood which gave white billowing smoke. Being new to smoking I thought that was good, until I tasted it, came immediately on here and read about thin blue smoke. With chunks, I find that one chunk anywhere between a golf ball and a baseball size works best for tbs. If your chunks are small, and you have to use more than one, I have found it better to place them on opposite ends of the chip pan or tray.
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