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Brining Experience

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I decided to smoke a chicken yesterday; however, I decided to brine it before putting it on the Q. Brined for 5 hours. I used a seasoning I found a recipe for on the web. It came out very moist and tasty. I used apple wood chunks in the Q. The family loved the taste and it was moist. I will continue to brine any future chickens. I used 1 gal water, 1/2 c sea salt, 1/2 c sugar in the raw, & juiced 1 lemon.

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Congrats on a successful brine and smoke.  I love brined chicken and always brine overnight if I have the time.  If short on time I brine for a few hours and also inject the brine into the breast meat.


Brines are fun to play with to experiment with flavor profiles.  Can make a HUGE difference in the taste of the meat.  Use can use the same brines on turkeys too.


Welcome to the salty sweet brine side.    

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