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I have not modded it yet. Soon though.
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Rvial, you mentioned the Brinkmann Gourmet...have it...seriously modified, of course. Last mods were for the AMNPS smoke generator. I don't have it tight enough to use the minion method, so I add hot coals every couple hours, but I don't try to do long smokes in it anymore...ribs, steaks, chops, chicken...6-8hrs is about long enough for tending it for me.


Here's my initial mods before I even fired it up to season and run it's maiden voyage:


And, the latest mods from about 2yrs ago...includes a raised coal grate, among other things:


That should give you some ideas on inexpensive mods.




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Yup I am planning to mod it. Going to do the raised coal grate, and add dampers to it and the stove gasket around the top.
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Amazon has a sample pack of sheet metal that is aluminum that i.had thouggt about getting for the dampers. 4 inch by 4 inch pieces I thought tgey would be perfect for making dampers with. I could probably get some scrap aluminum from my uncle but it is PVC coated if I. not mistaken, didnt think that would be such a great idea.
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