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27 lb entire pig in UDS

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I took inspiration from this forum. Grilled an entire 27 pound pig for my annual fishing/camping trip last weekend. Pig was already dressed. I marinated with Mojo and injected brine into pig, scored the skin rubbed with kosher salt and allowed to marinade for 8 hours. Placed pig on a grill and allowed to smoke for 11 hours at 200-225. Also used some alder pellets. Cooked until internal temp read 170 and let rest for 1 hour wrapped and insulated. The end result was excellent. Pig was moist, pulled apart nicely. Could have stayed on grill a little longer. Comments suggestions always welcome. Cheers.





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MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Looks good from here. :drool:

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Yummmmm!!!! That's a fantastic looking cook in that ugly drum!! Points!
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OH BABY!   Too bad my UDS rotisserie is only rated for 20 lbs because that would be extra good that way.  I've been meaning to do a suckling in my drums but spinning out in the open would be way too cool. 

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Keith if you took the head off and put it in a rack below, you'd probably hit that 20 pound mark! Talk about a cool Halloween presentation that could make!
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Wow! nicely done.................

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That looks great man! Nice job!  Thumbs Up

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