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Before I got the offset, just about everything I did was fast and hot. I didn't think of it as serious smoking; I considered it to be smoke-flavored grilling. No one else that I knew was doing any low-and-slow smoking, so people raved about the hot stuff because they all just used plain charcoal and nothing else.


I've run the offset in a few different ways, including as a direct in the CC, but I haven't yet run it as a "Weber simulator" mainly because I still have the Weber and that's a smaller chamber to heat. OTOH now that I have the charcoal basket, I should be able to run it in the Weber, making it a (sort of) indirect rig.


One way to find out...

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Well here is my story with my last smoke.....started at 330am.....used my char griller SFB.....started off at about 235....smoked the butt till internal temp got to 160.....removed the butt after about 5 hrs of smoke and put into my MES.....cranked up the MES to 275 gout butt in tin pan added apple juice in the bottom foil the pan put into smoker was done about 3 -4 hrs later.....pulled the butt foiled it twice wrapped with towel put in make long story short I done the low n slow to get smoke flavor....after getting the bark like I wanted than cracked up heat to finish...less time and meat was the best I done ...,the major plus here was done well before it was time to eat
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For me it depends on the cut. I do brisket and pork butts and chicken at 275 to 325 and am happy with the quality as well as the savings in time. The most frequent cut of meat I do are country ribs and I do them at 225 to 250 since they are prone to dry out and I have a little more leeway at that temp.


Myron can be a bit obnoxious at times but I think you can learn a lot studying his techniques. His hot and fast smoking was something I tried and found to be a useful addition to my arsenal.

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