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Good morning, new here

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Name is Dick and originally from south o Tulsa, now in the S.E., Georgia to be exact.  I've, in the past, done some smoking, mostly brisket, a little chicken also, but, now without a smoker, so , would like to have another smoker, but, since I am retired and living in my RV, I am mostly up on the mountain, deep in the woods, next to the stream, lol, so, my needs will be somewhat different than those in a stick and brick.  I also am interested in fermenting and finding a way to do this due to being as mobile as I am.  

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Welcome to the board! Sounds like you need a modest Weber to make smoke and drive the campground crazy.

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Thank yu, I've thought about the weber, accustomed to a homebuilt one that handles 18 briskets, 28 chicken, 10 lbs tube sausage at the same time, been awhile tho. Also, I don't do organized campgrounds, lol.I do a couple get to get here a year out in the woods for VANDWELLERS, usually less than 20 attending, the rest of the time is usually spent solo but with my Lil Pitt friend, she tends to keep the bears at bay, of course that means I haven't smoked any bears lately.
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You're living my dream. Linda and I talk about selling the house and getting an RV and roving around.

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Hey cuz, felt the same way a few years ago, till I came across a web site that was doing the very same thing, fell in low with the idea and took the plunge, of course it helps to have some income of some sort, me, SS, not much, but, getting rid of mortgages and other bills an such, found that it can be done for less than having a stick an brick.  I would love to make it around the country to some smokeing gatherings, DO meets, bluegrass fests, etc. and this lifestyle allows all of that. 

Being new to this group, wondering if there are any organized smoke meets around the country?

Mentioning the Weber, it occurs to me that one, in my situation, could improvize by turning a "Dakota Hole" into a smoker?, gotta give that some more thought by golly. 

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Hello Dick, welcome to the site, sounds like your having a great time, Post some pictures for all to see.


Gary S

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Welcome to the sight! I 2 months I get to live our dream with my wife. 80 acres of  pristine forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We both will not have to work and neither will my wife.

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Photos?, lol, got some of the pig roast we did at last years GTG, but, I'll look to see what photos are approiate for this group.             

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Hey cuz, that will be great when the time comes, would love to see some photos of the area.     

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Thanks cuz, glad I found this one, startin to drool over the possibilities here.

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