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Food Safety

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I have only been a member of this site for about a year and half but I was a “lurker” for a year before that and up until last week I never knew there was a Food Safety forum.  Now that I have found it I can’t stop reading all the information that is in here! 


Of all the information I have learned on this site (and the list is long) I can think of nothing more important than this portion of the forum.


Here's a big THANK YOU!!

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Wood, morning..... You are welcome from everyone here..... there are many aspects of "preparing meats" on this forum that require a certain amount of explanation to keep the foods safe for consumption that "regularly" prepared meals don't need.... Broiling/Grilling/Frying a steak for instance... Many of the techniques described in this forum, can make you ill or worse...
When I joined this forum, I was really naïve when it came to smoking, curing etc... I'm as glad as you, that I found this place....
Keep reading and getting informed... If you come across anything, that you think is worthwhile as a learning tool, please post it..... Food safety is soooo important..... one screw up and we may not get a second chance to make great food.....
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