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smoking pork loin

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I will be smoking a 6.5 pound pork loin in a gas smoker withcherry wood chips. Any suggestions how long it should take to reach 145 in a 225 degrees smoker? I am some guests coming over and don't want to be late with dinner.
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IMHO you should cook pork loin at 300°-325°, cooking low and slow will dry out the lean meat of a pork loin.

I usually cook 3 pound pieces of loin at 325°, they take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to reach 145° IT. I suspect your 6 pounder will take 2-3 hours at 325°, probably closer to 3 but you run the risk of being a bit dry. JM2C, YMMV.

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You should be pretty close to the zone with 1hr/lb. It's been a while for me, but the last low & slow Loins I smoked and documented had three distinct differences from yours (215* chamber, bacon-wrapped, 160* I/T finish) and they were out @ 1.5hrs/lb. Give yourself a bit of wiggle room and maybe start 1 hour early...if equipped for it, you can foil-wrap and warm-hold @ ~140*, if it finishes early.




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