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Casings for Andouille

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What's the preference here, hog casings or Beef Middles as indicated here?????

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Over-stuffed standard sausage casing





Large hog casing 46+






I have heard of the middle cow casing being used, even doubled, but except for a few chefs and a few blogs, I don't remember it ever happening that way. I even ordered hog bungs to use because that's what I remembered. The large intestine of the hog. Well believe me, hog bungs ain't what I remember seeing or smelling!


The nice thing about doing it yourself, you can get exactly what you want. You just have to know what that is. Wish I had known about hog bungs 50.00 earlier....LOL You live, you learn.


Heres another andouille made with 46+ hog casings.





The last one was smoked to 155 I think then shocked in and ice bath, it sucked..... rendered the fat as you can see in the cut-away vice the above slices.

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