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Newb from Boston, where everyone goes for BBQ.....ummm

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I've been putting out ribs and shoulder for a few years now and can't believe I never joined a forum to learn about some of the finer points.  I have a Charbroil horizontal offset smoker, a Home Depot special my wife got me for my birthday a few years back.  Got several hundred hours on it at this point and I'm probably going to trade up soon, but I know how this one works and how to adjust temp and get the right smoke in the right places. 


Looking forward to learning some new stuff and seeing success stories from across this great country. 



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Welcome Nathan. I'm new to the forum as well. Been grilling for years but recently started smoking, and really loving it! Look forward to interacting with everyone and posting pics!
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Hello Nathan, welcome to the forum, Know what you mean about being comfortable with your smoker, since you are experienced it wont take long with a new either. Let us know what you decide on and Pictures.



Gary S

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Does anyone have more experience with this unit? It's for sale at my local BJ's and it looks like a nice sturdy piece of equipment with a larger cooking area and fire box.  Plus the wheels would be a good thing for me as I move it around often.

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I didn't notice there was a smoker review section, I found this


Looks like really good reviews for the price and quality, considering I'm a hobby/enthusiast level cook it might be a nice upgrade for me. 

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