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New little toy!

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Gravity fed Beast. I've only fired it up once. Sure is nice to know that were ever you set it,

 it's not going to move until it runs out of fuel. One fuel load will run about 30hrs @225.



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Awesome. Where does this get used? In a restaurant ?
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Pretty! Shiny! All New!


Thank a nice unit!


Headed to the Viking website looking now....LOL!

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Originally Posted by Hambone1950 View Post

Awesome. Where does this get used? In a restaurant ?

Nope, gets used in the backyard and on the comp trailer. The one down fall is moving it around. Thing is a 500lbs beast. With a Digi Q you can 100% trust it. I can finally sleep for more then 2hrs at comps

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I like it... was looking for more pics of charcoal chute and such.. how/where does it feed into the firebox ? looking at the first pic, I take it that's the firebox door on the right side of the unit ?
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ok.. just watched a video on you tube... got all my questions answer'd... I'm really liking the rig... will be interested in your review of it...
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