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Torching spare ribs

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Has anyone used or heard of torching ribs after they have been smoked?

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Well , not ribs , but chefs torch food all the time to crisp up the outside. I would think that as long as you keep the flame moving you could caramelized the surface very nicely that way.
It would probably be helpful to have a flame spreader like you use to remove paint.....
Like so.....

I say go for it. You'll be a pioneer. Take pictures!
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We were in St Louis and went to a smoke house for lunch and I had a rack of St Louis Style ribs, they were the best ribs I have ever tasted, I was told that after they come out of the smoker, they cover the ribs with apple butter and torch them. They didn't taste like apple sauce, but did have a wonderful flavor and were smoked just right. That why I asked the question.

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I just googled. " cooking,torched ribs " and came up with some cool stuff. Check it out.
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