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Chicken rub help.

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I have a bit of a pickle. Last summer I visited my in-laws and they had bought a smoker and out of the blue decided I was gonna smoke them a chicken. Now the issue was my wife's mother has some heart issues and diabetes. I was forced to avoid salts and any sugars which made me think a little and sadly it really made my rub lacking. So I smoke the chicken which I was on vacation and was unable to watch full time so my strict time table was not followed and I ended up with a dry un flavorful piece of waste. I do have a few rubs I use and a couple brine recipes as well but they all take more then their share of sugars or salts. So if anyone has a great rub or brine that is heart healthy and tastes great I would appreciate it. I will be using apple wood with a touch of hickory here and there for added flavor. I use wine in the water(superstitious) and spritz with apple juice in case that helps with your ideas. Thanks for taking a minute to read and hope everyone enjoys there Easter weekend with lots of smoked meats filling your stomachs.

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Typing 'rubs' into the search produced numerous posts. Check these out or narrow the search by typing salt free rubs perhaps......HTH......Willie

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