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Buttermilk brine for Turkey?

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I'm planning on doing a turkey breast tomorrow! I've been doing buttermilk brines for all things chicken lately. Since I've started doing this brine, I've made some of the best chicken I've ever had

1L buttermilk
1/4c salt
1/4c brown sugar
Green onion
...other random things

Has anyone ever tried a buttermilk brine for turkey?
Can anyon give me a reason not to?
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I LIKE the idea.  I've used buttermilk for making fried chicken but never thought about using it in a brine.  Turkey, chicken, shouldn't make any difference.

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Never done that, may have to give it a shot !
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Well..I did it lol
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Works just fine for turkey. If you really want a treat try your butter milk brine on pork chops then bread them and smoker fry them up!
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Be watchin to see how it turns out, bet it'll be tasty !
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Pork chops!
Oh yeah, ill try that for sure!

My brine ended up being

1l buttermilk
1/4c kosher salt
1/4c brown sugar
2 green onions chopped

With a coffee grinder I mixed

1 sprig of rosemary
A pinch of dill..yes, dill
minched onion
garlic powder

Then gently heated all together while stirring hard, just till salt and sugar was completely dissolved

I did inject...lol
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Mistake? Heck no! I love injecting chicken and turkey breasts.
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I nearly always buttermilk brine, then also use it in the flour coating in my Southern Fried Chicken. It does though cause a change in the skins texture I have noticed. I assume due to the lactic acid which is also why we use it to tenderize.


Never really assoc. the buttermilk taste with a turkey though. Looking forward to a review.


Definitely in on this.

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Thanks for sharing your recipe. I did buttermilk brine on Thanksgiving bird and I actually enjoyed breast meat for once, rave reviews all around
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My confidence is much higher now lol
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About 21 hours of buttermilk brine

Out of the brine and rinsed

I pat it dry, then air dry for roughly an hour


1/2c brown sugar
pinch garlic powder
pinch minced onion
pinch rosemary
2 pinches of paprika
pinch of white pepper
small pinch of chipoltle

I know this picture doesnt show much, but I'd hate to be smited by the q-view gods

Going on the smoker in an hour or so!
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How rude of me!

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What a nice way to start the day!

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OMG! Its been Probed!

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Looking tasty! When pressed for time and needing to air dry, a hair dryer on low heat or no heat works great!
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That's a good idea

Im keeping this bird at a fairly low temp here.
Im just smoking it at around 225
Its actually just about to break even at the 140 in 4 mark

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I switched to this charcoal by accident.. I wouldnt have purchased it had the it been priced correctly (waayyy more than what im used to paying)

I have to say. How fast the chimney turned into fully glowing coals and how hot it felt to be around it was VERY noticable!
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<scratching my head> Is that a turkey or a turkey roast or a turkey breast? I just noticed what looks to be the elastic netting.

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