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How much wood

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When smoking a chicken or turkey, how often do you add wood chips?
I want to thank everyone for all the great info! I am new to smoking and you guys have been great! Hope you don't get tired of all of my questions LOL.

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What kind of smoker are you using.  Stick burners use all wood and add it often enough to keep the fire going.  If you are getting good clean smoke the amount of wood you use shouldn't make a difference.

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Forgot to mention , I am using a masterbuilt electric smoker.
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Just remember if you smell wood burning, your smoking. Keep it thin and blue.
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The MES can be rather frustrating with the wood chips. It's a common complaint about the MES. Which is why I took the advise of others and bought the AMNPS. You may want to look into it also. 


But anyway, I got my first chicken in the MES way too smokey. I think it was because the chips were burning rather than smoldering. It's not so much a problem with pork, because it can handle smoke so well. But poultry seems to suck it in much more, you have to be careful. My advise is to start light, add a few chips along, and when it's done, see if the chicken absorbed too little, too much, or just right amount, for you to adjust for the next time. Remember, you can always add to during a smoke, but you can't take back if you get too much for your liking.

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