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Put 11 hours in today working on my smoker.  Installed a 3 basin sink with water today.  Got the door bent on the smoker and welded into place.  Need to do some minor stuff tomorrow morning.


Gonna plan on leaving Kalamazoo around noon.  Should be there around 1;30.  I'm bringing Party potatoes & smoked salmon.  I have to leave around 7.  Have to go camping with the Cub Scouts on Sunday.


I think the smoker will be working and anyone is welcome to use it, but don't bet your Fatty on it.


I will be bringing my brand of seasonings to raffle off and sell if anyone wants some.


Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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What time is the fattie throw down starting? Is it gonna be at dinner time? I have to know cause I need to get out there in time to smoke my fattie. No pun intended. I'm hoping to be out that way around 11am.
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I guess we will start the fatties as soon as you get here. RobbQ and I just put meats in smokers. My camera took a hit during a fishing trip so I dobt have a pic.

see ya soon lazyman!
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Originally Posted by towerclimber View Post

Lazyman that is awesome!!! I also just got done with my build yesterday, got it to the house today and am
Sitting here with a beer curing it as we speak

Sweet!  Looks like a nice unit. You do all the welding and fab work?
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So the fattys go on at 11?
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if 11 works for all then that is the time.

my UP fatty is taking the prize. Not sure why scott thinks there is a chance...
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Already consumed 2 g
rowlers of beer. Good reviews.
And the picture of the start. Now chilling with Cam , coffee and of course SMOKE! Thinking of a few bacon onion rings on second rack for appetizers. .what ya think Cam..?
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I'm finally getting on the my daughter in tow so it took a while to get out of the two pans of homemade mac and cheese and a fatty But I think it's too late for the country ribs. Hope that's ok.
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On the road. Left late working on smoker. Just south of Lansing. Save me some of that craft beer.
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What a great time!! Thank you for all the great compliments on my smoker. It really means a lot to me.

It was great to meet you guys and taste all the great food. I'm aoooooooo full
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We made it home an hour or so ago.  I kicked back in my chair to rest my back for a few minutes, and Debbie headed straight to bed after about 15 minutes.  Pooped.  Yep, but it was worth it!


What a great bunch of folks, and cooks.    I can honestly say that I did not taste anything that I didn't like. 


Thank you Cam & Sue for hosting it at your house, and thanks to Stan for his work in helping put it all together and seeing that everything was provided.   Visiting was comfortable and fun, and the food awesome. 


Congrats to RobbQ for winning 1st place in the contest.  Although I have to say, that the lead up time to the fatty judging was better entertainment that the actual judging.  Such talk!  LOL


Deb and I enjoyed meeting all of you.  Thanks for the invite and making us feel welcomed.


And now Deb and I know what a fatty is.

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Thank you all for coming out and enjoying a wonderful day! We all got a chance to try some new recipes and meet some new friends. A special thanks to Stan for all the xtra time, energy and food he provided. Not to mention all the tables and chairs.

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Looking forward to the next round!

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I would also like to thank A-MAZE-N products for donating so many prizes to the gathering. 3 of the 4 smokers we had running all day were using AMPS to perfect the dinner. I am pretty sure there new customers after seeing how well they work.

Thank you from the Michigan crew!
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Do did I mention. I WON? Lol.
Cam, awesome job. And thanks again. I needed to scoot early and couldn't say by. You all were very gracious with hosting. I know the time, effort and expenses of things. Wis I could've helped more. Everyone must have ringing in ears from my screen singing last night.thank you all you are great people I have never met a great group of friendly people in a quite a while.the food was awesome all the side dishes as well. You have a great family, and your brother is a great Guy.
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Pictures Pictures Pictures.  


RobbQs smoker


My smoker


Cams smoker



Brads Smoker with Humdinger playing


The frisbee king Ranger






Fattie entrees


The only onion ring left by the time I got the camera.


Rockstar with a beer in hand.. That's Cam in the blue shirt by the smokers.


Frank and his wife Debbie chilling waiting to try the fatties.


A lot of standing around drinking and BSing.


More to come.

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This was a great party with great weather and great people. More Pictures.


Todd's contribution to the party.  Thank you so much Todd.


Seasonedlazyman contributed also but I did not get a picture of his Spices and hat.  Thanks Brad.


Some Cornhole


A shot off the deck and the tables ready to eat.  Pool in the background.


Cam wondering if his Brisket will ever get done.  ( Should have started this 4 hrs earlier )


Whats left of the Rabbit before I got the camera.  I cooked the 3 LB Rabbit in a emerson smoke pressure cooker ( Rockstars ) for 30 mins with 8 pitsmaster pellets and it was amazing.

I think a little overdone I will try 25 mins the next one.  Everyone who tried it said it was Tender Juicy and Smokey.  Most said like chicken.  I ordered one this morning for myself.


My lunch Taco fatty.  I did not get a before pic and I did not win.


Kurts mac and cheese










Mac and cheese in the big smoker.


Mac and cheese bites.


Salad bar


Cheese bites coming out of smoker.


Pulled pork scalloped potatoes.


Finished fatties



Getting tasted by the judges.  Robb won...congratulation_graphics_2.gif


The pulled pork when taken out.

Cams chicken and brisket a couple hours after dinner looking good.












The guy in white is Brad.





Fatty judging..


The kids were bored I guess.


That's about all the pics I got.  It was a beautiful day. 


Thanks to all that came and joined in.... Special thanks to Cam and Ann for letting this happen at there place.


Now to start planing next years get together.



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Stan there was one chair of yours that I missed this morning. Will get it out to ya but not today
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Left over brisket and a fresh pan of home made mac n cheese from the humdinger palace. Life is good...
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I'm sorry I missed the get-together. My family passed the 4,000 mile mark in our vacation yesterday! We visited family in Kansas City and St. Louis so we had ribs 3 days in a row. I'm looking forward to doing some smoking when we get home!

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BBQ get together was great! More food, and more people this years! Awesome! Thank you Cam and family for hosting this event for the 2nd straight year.

Also thank you to Todd, and Amazn Products for donating items. I won a tube smoker and gave it to my friend cooter who went with me. He's not a smoker/bbq guy so hopefully Todd's good will can change that! The items were all appreciated.

All the food was great! For some reason or another people liked Robbs spam fattie.... I still don't understand that one.

Congrats on the win RobbQ. Don't turn your back cause before you know it your gonna have to defend that title and how you top spam and horseradish cheese I have no idea???

I'm pretty sure I'll be putting on a small smoke September 20th. Weather should be nice towards the end of September. Let me know if your interested. Won't be an all weekend thing but should still be fun.

Thanks again everyone who pitched in! Great time!
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