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Brunch fatty???? They are about a 2 hour cook right?

I will put a SMF plywood sign at the end of the driveway so the newbies can find us.

Scott on Sober rd, now that is funny..... :)
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The name of that road will be changed in 6 months to avoid any confusion with the new neighbors! lol

It'll take 2-3 hours for the fatty's to cook. I'm still trying to negotiate staying for dinner, so please don't plan anything around me (though I do appreciate the consideration!). I plan on being out there early, but if someone wants to compete and isn't arriving until later, we'll have to consider them.
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May I ask how far ahead has anyone prepped a fattie? .or is it best to assemble just before the smoker?. I didn't know if meat can become wet or the stuffing would get soggy or something.
I am a cigar connoisseur and do enjoy a smoke. Anybody else?
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I will be the on the fly fatty guy.

as for cigar, I quit smoking almost 2 years ago but they are welcome around the campfire.
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Yeah I've been getting the sober rd joke a lot lately. Guess it comes with the territory.

Ok Stan on the mailbox mod.

I smoke a cigar here and there but it's usually cheapies.

I plan on making my fattie before I head over. I've prepped almost nothing as I've been working on the house. Hopefully it comes out good.
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Hey guys... don't forget to add another judge or three, "who DO know what a fatty is".

Deb & I would sure feel bad if our under-developed taste buds and lack of knowledge on fatties, led to wrong winner.  I would suggest 1 or 3 more judges.  Wife doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  (I didn't consult with her before I volunteered her.  LOL  But she is okay with it,)


BTW... No one said what time fatties are to be judged,  Deb and I may not make it down there until 1:00 - 2:00 PM.  If fatties are done before then, then just pick new judges to replace us.    Our feelings won't be hurt.  We're the ones late to the party.  LOL


I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, enjoying the day visiting with new friends, and maybe learning something in the process too.

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I plan to make a fatty sometime Friday before all of you try to copy my secret, soon to be "award winning, never to be duplicated, wish you could come close, not so sober" fatty......

I am not partial to who and when it will be judged. :)

I am putting a nail in the garage wall for the trophy right after work today.
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Gonna be a long year looking at that nail with nothing on it cam...
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If all else fails, I may invoke "house rules".
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Hahahahahahaha! I'm gonna go ahead and guess that'll help you win huh?
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We ever figure out who's smoker all the fatties are gonna cook in? And what wood or wood combo we will be using? Is it yours Stan?
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I dont think we talked about that. If we plan to have lunch fattys they will have to start cooking in the 9 or 10 am range.
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I will need 5 hrs for ribs.  if we cook the fatties early I can do that too.  I can be out around 9am.  What are you smoking in your big smoker Cam? 


I will be putting together my fatties tomorrow before I come out with tables and chairs.

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I think the brisket is going in my propane smoker and the chicken will go in the electric.
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I have some panera bread and a big bowl of salad coming.
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Cam, how early Friday could one show up?  I could be as early as 4 to 6 p.m. after I leave from work. The company transit vehicle is loaded!

I plan on the butt starting at around 6 a.m. I rolled my fattie yesterday, and seasoned the pork and wrapped it. I will assemble the Bacon onion rings on sight. The butt will be on top rack. It may be moved after 5 hours to lower rack in my WSM. Then the fattie if need be cooked on top with rings . I have 3 dozen small slider buns for sammitches.

I am low on some wood and could use a few chunks from the person you know perhaps? I also have 4 growlers of different craft beer from the Sherwood Brewing Company. Ray Sherwood gave me some cups and coffee mugs with Logo to give to a few lucky people. The beer is for all to sample and drink.

Is there a prep table available for anything? Looking forward too! it's going to be a long day.



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Anytime Robb. I have a friend bringing his own brew beer saturday as well. I will go get some wood for ya. You want apple cherry or hickory. He will not br here before you start the smoke.
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I will have a table to prep on.
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Cool.! Apple and hickory if you can.
If he comes later. .I will get some of each.
Well cool, I have your# from private message and will jingle when in close distance from you. I may be around 4 4:30 if okay. .want to get outta here soon..stressful week. .need this weekend bad!
I can help you with anything if you need. ..
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I will get a bag of each. Think they are $5 a bag. That way your ready for am.
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