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Chelada Beer Can Hen

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Everyone and their dog does beer butt chicken. I do it this way....


1. Light beer adds no flavor just steam (which is still a good thing) I use stouts or chelada style beers.

2. Poke holes around the top of the can to allow more steam to escape.

3. I make sure the beer can is half empty (or half full...depending on your philosophical attitude.) This ensures that the liquid starts 

    to boil and steam early in the cooking process rather than toward the end.

4. I like to add crushed garlic, fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme and some of my dry rub to the half empty (or half full...depending on 

     your.....) beer can.

5. I like to foil the legs since they are the closest to the heat.

6. I barbecue it at around 325-350 degrees over indirect heating. It makes for a nice skin.




Happy smoking!!!

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I think that method is rock solid , brother ! I bet that's great chicken.
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Very nice, looks tasty ! I'am gonna have to try me a Chelada bird for sure !
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Looks great from here man!  :32:  I like to use an empty can & fill it half way with some home brew  :icon_mrgreen:  I bet your chicken is VERY popular with your friends  :beercheer:

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Funny you should say that. I make a stout lime pilsner that is awesome to use.
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I did my first beer can chicken yesterday. 

Smoked at 250* for about 5 hrs until IT of 175* 

Seasoned inside and out with poultry seasoning and lemon rosemary.  Added minced garlic and onion to half can of beer.  Shoved a chunk of onion in the neck to hold in moisture.  Very flavorful and juicy meat.

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Also threw a few of these ham wrapped asparagus on the grill as a side.  REALY GOOD!

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By the way....tallboy beer cans don't fit into those holders
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I realized that even a normal 12 oz. beer can fits real snug.  I used my wife's Miller 64 which fitted perfectly.  The holder was a gift so I figured I'd try it out.  Does help with stabilizing the chicken on the grates though.  I might have her drink one of those 64's and then I can pour some of my favorite local beer Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Co. in it.:beercheer:

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Originally Posted by maxxrocket View Post

Funny you should say that. I make a stout lime pilsner that is awesome to use.


Sounds like that would be a very good choice!  :xrocker:

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