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MES 40 Gen II - Temperature issues GONE!

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There is hope for the typically inaccurate temperature regulation of my MES 40 Gen I and Gen II.


I am in awe of my new AUBER WS-1500DPM Temperature Controller!!!


I wired it up directly to the heating element on my MES 40 Gen II and it's keeping the temps within +/- 3 degrees of my setpoint. Granted it's not perfect but most definitely WAY better than the typical 10-20 degree fluctuations I was getting.


My only question now, seeing as the new controller only "bumps" the heater as needed once it gets to my setpoint, there might be an issue with the heating element not getting hot enough to smolder the wood chips.


My answer to that is easy. Amaze-N-Smoker :D


(Note: Current weather conditions = 20 deg F)

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I also have the WSD 1503 CPH controller. (1800 watt).   This is the best thing anyone can do for the MES.  The extra money was an issue, but

I'm sure glad I decided to go this route.  I've also done the mailbox mod, and I can check on the AMNPS without opening the smoker door. That mod was very inexpensive. This winter has been a tough one, and with these additions to the unit, it made my smoking experiences much more easier.  You made a good choice!


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I see you too have some pretty hard winters over there on the other side of the big lake.


I am just glad for this forum as this is where I read about using the Auber. As for the price of the PID, I've ruined more money's worth of meat than the controller cost so i'm confident my ROI will be rewarded :)


I was talking to Missie at Amaze-N-Smoker and she recommended the 5x8 tray and shared with me the proper placement in my MES Gen I and II. Great people over there for sure!!!


Thanks for your reply Dave

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