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Are these any good ?

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Been thinking about a Gas BBQ and we can get Uniflame Gas BBQ's and the UK Suppler claims that they "one of the leading BBQ brands across the USA and Canada" and has had good customer reviews on their site


I can get a 4 Burner & Side Burner Stainless steel one for £ 200 ( around $ 330) and was wondering if they are a good enough product - as well as regular burger cooking etc want to try smoking with it as well.


Don't think the site likes me posting links here from non advertisers so if anyone wants any further details please PM me


Thanks in advance


Keep Smokin !

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Hello Mark.  I just looked at that grill online.  Obviously I have never used one or even seen one. From what I can tell from the pictures and as it comes from Asda and is £200 I would say it is probably OK for frozen burgers, sausages and burned and raw chicken legs.  I think the metal is too thin and it is too cheaply made; I reckon it will leak smoke like a sieve.  The good homemade smokers are minimum 4mm thick just t give you an idea.  My vote is you will be disappointed; but Hey, what do I know.  Just my opinion.  Good luck.


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Here is a review. Your UK supplier is yanking your chain...JJ


The Bottom Line

You'd think that at about $170USD this would be a pretty good grill for the money. You'd be wrong. This grill doesn't cut back in a few areas, it cuts back in all of them. The cooking grates are hardly strong enough to hold up a lot of food. The lightweight burners promise to make the entire grill useless at the first sign of trouble. This simply isn't a grill worth buying, even at this price. It would have made more sense to take out the side burner in favor of a better burner.
Guide Review - Uniflame 4-Burner Red Sedona Model# GBC1349WRS
This gas grill, made exclusively for Wal-Mart, is just in it to make a fast buck. This flimsy unit can hardly be called a grill. Of course it is also at the bottom of the price range and it's hard to find a grill that costs less. At around $170USD I still can't recommend it though.

This 4-burner gas grill uses lightweight materials. The cooking grate is simply folded sheet metal with a bad porcelain paint job. It's hardly strong enough to hold up a large pile of food. In fact I bent one in the store testing it out. The lid is lightweight aluminum that will not hold heat and is poorly attached to the body. There is also a large amount of plastic used to make this grill.

I know that the temptation to buy this grill will be strong and many people will pick it up as an impulse believing it's a great deal. It isn't. Why spend more than $200 (tax and propane tank required) for a grill you will have trouble getting a years use out of? Invest a little more or look elsewhere.

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Hello.  Thanks for posting the info Chef.  It seems to be as I expected Mark.  You are doing good stuff with your pizza oven.  Maybe hold on a while and wait for a better product?  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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