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First successful brisket.

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Didn't take much for pictures. Saw some brisket and pork shoulders at Costco. Around 20 degrees today. Haven't smoked anything for awhile. Smoked for about 3 hours and finished in oven. Too cold out. Plus I had deer coming up about 5 yards from smoker. They let it be.

Tried briskets before and usually ended up drying them out a little too much. I wrapped in tin foil and added some apple juice.

Just eating now. Supper at 10:30. The wait was worth it and leftovers should be great to eat. Felt good to get my Q on.


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Looks great. Any time, even 10:30, is a great time for brisket. yahoo.gif
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Anyday you see TBS coming out the stack, its a beautiful day!


Grats on the brisket, wish I had some.

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That is what you call a true winter treat. Glad it turned out for you!

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Nice.. i wish I had some too
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That is a fine looking brisket. I have the same problem with deer. They hang around my place in herds. I had to build a deer fence.



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Problem deer? 12 ga. slugs, no problem. Tastee sausage meat!

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