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Beef back ribs trimmed from rib roast

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Ok so today I decided to take those ribs I bought from my butcher that were trimmed from a standing rib roast.  They have lots of meat on them.


I thawed them out and coated them in yellow mustard and Jeff's rib rub.  They are sitting on the counter waiting to come to room temp then off to the preheated MES 30.  I will cook them for 4 hours or more depending on how the meat looks when I check them.  they may take more time than the usual ribs since there is much more meat on them.


I will post pics as I go.


This is after the rub has been applied.





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Hello.  Lookin good so far.  Keep Smokin!


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Those are going to be tasty!
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Ok here is the finished product before the grill for sauce glazing and when done!  they were delicious served with a fresh green salad and steamed cauliflower.




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My favorite ribs!! They look great!!  What temp and how long did it turn out to be? thanks. Reinhard

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Love those beef ribs.

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Looks awesome ! drool.gif
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Mmmm, just in time for lunch, those look great!
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I just finished the last two.  Man our dogs do love rib night!  Our back yard looks like a graveyard has been dug up.


I cooked these for a little bit more than 4 hours at 250 then on to the gas grill with sauce to get the glaze.


I need to remember to use the temp probe and cook to IT, they come out better when the IT is 150 and then put on the grill.  The problem is that they are all different thickness and such so an IT cook is tough.


These were very good, but could have been just a little less time.  Normally I check them more often, but got involved in my newest hobby, reloading ammo for shooting day and let them sit in the smoker too long.



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