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UDS on steroids

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I am contemplating making a UDS out of a 120 gallon propane tank if I can find one affordable enough. Can anyone tell me how much one of those weighs empty? I still want to be able to lift it in the back of a truck to take places like I currently do for tailgating parties ect. I know it will weigh a bit more than a barrel but how much we talking? I am seeing reports on google searches saying those things are over 200 lbs. Yikes!

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The one that we have weighs 260# empty. Better put wheels on it and a crane on your truck!
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Mount it to a trailer.
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Weld it on as a front bumper. Better traction and steering in the ice and snow as well as a mean cooking machine! Besides it will hold your front end down when you punch it hard coming out the hole.

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