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Summer Sausage and Liquid Smoke

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Finally getting around to making summer sausage in my smoker.  I have made Polish Sausage, but never summer sausage, and I am finding that many of the recipes I run across include the use of liquid smoke, even when smoking in a smoker.  So, my question is - is liquid smoke necessary when cooking in a smoker and using smoke?  I am using fibrous casings, so according to the seller, the smoke should penetrate the casings without issue.


Oh - Also, I have 2.40" and 3.46" inch casings - Any preferences (recommendations) or benefits to either one.



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Short answer "NO". Long answer I assume the recipes using liquid smoke are from generic web sites like etc. Most are for home oven use and simply state also can use smoker. No need to add the foul chemical when smoking. Also be wary of the varying amounts of cure in those generic recipes,some go way overboard. As far as casing size I think it is a matter of preference for slice size for snacks or sandwiches.

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I agree.  I've never used liquid smoke in anything. Kind of like fake boobs, not the real thing.  Size of casings is also personal preferance like the above poster said.  Reinhard

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OK - Thanks for the info - No liquid smoke.  

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Its a matter of preference. I use liquid smoke in my summer sausage and its pretty good... Just have to be careful you don't overpower it with smoke flavor using too much of it... I just started experimenting with powdered smoke in smoked sausages and I'm getting good results....


Liquid smoke is distilled




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As already stated above, it's all comes down to preference. But, larger dia. casings will take longer to reach finished internal temp. 

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