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Cheap log splitter review

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Since I never got around to finish my home made splitter, saw this one at northern tool today and decided to give it a whirl on this oak that I've been driving around with for two weeks now

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Unwrapped it carefully, I was sure it would not split oak and I'd be returning it.

But it surprised me, I first put in a 10" or 12" dia piece and it split it easily

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It was actually kind of fun, and I was very happy with my purchase decision. $239.00 bucks and my wood splitting problem was over.

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Only when I decided to try a 16" dia. Piece, it finally failed due to twisting the head of the ram, not allowing it to return to the start position,

I took it back to northern and exchanged it for another one. I believe if I had not abused it past it's limits like I did, this little splitter would last for a while.

Most oak that I get is less than 10" diameter any way,
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Was that live oak you were splitting? When I was using big pieces of it, the grain seemed too twisted to split with anything less than dynamite! Good score, thanks for the review!

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I'm thinking it is, the tree had already had the limbs removed and just the trunk was left when I come across the landscaper. Bark is similar, weight feels about right and it splinters up like live oak does, but it seams to be juicy or wetter ( don't know how to describe it ) maybe it's due to being the trunk, and I'm used to getting limbs.

I'm not going to attempt to finish splitting these large pieces with this splitter, I'll grab a Cat 345 next week and split them with the bucket teeth. But I do have a stack of live oak limbs about 8" to 10" dia. I got last month that I'll cut to size and really think this thing will spilt them nicely.

I just don't I went wrong for the price and for what I's a lot more fun than swinging a axe.
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Good score....... really good score, when you consider what you are saving your back....... bad backs are $$$$$$.
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Try notching the ends of the log with a chainsaw. I have a similar splitter from Lowes or HD, and I split an entire live oak tree that was about 3ft in diameter. Not fast, but it works well. 

Don't forget to close the vent valve when done, and open it when splitting. Humidity will get in the hydraulic fluid here in FL.

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Good ideal, but I don't think I'll max out the replacement one like I did the original. If I stick to smaller stuff , this thing should do fine. I really don't like lifting those heavy logs anyway.

Most of the oak I come by is from landscapers or county workers trimming branches from nice healthy trees,
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I get my firewood and the neighbor has a gas powered splitter that is awesome!  I am glad I didn't have to shell out the $1500 for it.  I use it free, but we do cut wood up on the mountain and split it for the local widows and poor.  We gave away about 30 cords last year.


I brought home about 3 cords for my own use.  We must have cut down 30 -40 dead trees from one spot.  the bark beetle is hard at work.


I would love to find more than Aspen, Pine, Cedar, and Cottonwood.  We do get some oak, but very rare here in Southern Utah.


I like the little electric splitter, I might consider one.  Hard to pencil the expense because it is not hard to borrow one here and to rent one is pretty cheap too.



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