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Picnic Shoulder with Q-view

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Well, I just got an 8 pound picnic shoulder and am going to smoke it tomorrow.  I've got the rub and injection all set but my question to you guys is should I leave the skin on and score it deeply or remove it before throwing her in the cook chamber?


Stay tuned, I'll try to post as many delicious looking shots as I can. 

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Leave the skin on it and apply rub to it, then when done and still warm, remove the skin and fry up for treat for your dog, if you do not have a dog, you should know someone who does.

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I take the skin off of mine.

Boil skin for 30-45 min so the fat gets tender. Scrape it off, cut the skin into 1"x1" squares. Place on cookie sheet and place into oven set at 200f. Allow to dry till they look and feel like hard plastic. Now you have some pellets to make cracklin. Fry a few at a time in 350f oil. They will puff up, remove and toss with some of your favorite seasoning. Now you have some man treats......
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I ended up leaving it on but scoring it in a crosshatch pattern alway the down. Hoping it will render well and add some flavor. Here's a shot of her hitting the smoker this morning.

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Looks Good! Looking forward to the progress pics!

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Thanks Deuce! This is at 2 hours in. I'll give it a few more hours of smoke and then decide when to foil. It needs the bark but I definitely don't want bitter. unuqyryv.jpg
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10 hours in. Just wrapped her in foil. It just started raining hard here in Florida so I'm gonna finish the cook in the oven. Looking forward to making Cuban sandwiches and a Brunswick stew with this. I'm planning on taking the squares of skin off and dehydrating them and then frying, a smoked pork rind. Hope they turn out well!a2ejy5es.jpg
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That is going to be some TASTY eatin!! Looks Great! MMMMM Fried Smoked pork rind sounds awesome!

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I can't believe I let this go so long but here was the final smoke pictures.y3y8edu9.jpgsegumava.jpgju9ysuza.jpg
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And the being new to Florida, we decide to make Cuban sandwiches.
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Originally Posted by queandbrew View Post

And the being new to Florida, we decide to make Cuban sandwiches.

That's what it's all about! Great job on your smoke and Fantastic job on your Sandwee!!!!
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Looks just about perfect from here! Nothing like a Cuban with your own pulled pork. That bread looks interesting, is it homemade?

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Next time I'll probably try and make the bread myself but this is just a loaf of cuban bread I picked up at the Publix.  Then pressed it on the cast iron grill.

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Wow, I love Cuban sandwiches! So what did you end up doing with the square pork rinds? I'm asking because I have a skin-on picnic in the freezer that I will have to do something with soon.

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