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Beef Round Eye

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Has anyone made this before? Just bought it today from Costco to give it a try, I figure is just another hunk of meat that once is smoked it will be awesome!!!
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I have one sliced and marinating now for thus weekend. I smoke it for about 75-90 minutes. It's like jerky with no chemicals.I have smoked these whole also . I do these at 300° until 135°IT and slices thin. It seems leaner then sirloin , so I try not y o let it dry out.
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yep. they tend to be lean , so its easy to overcook. take it to 125 IT and slice it thin. makes a great French dip.

sometimes they'll have a line of gristle in the middle , but for the price , they are good eating.

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Good to know, thanks!!
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That could also be cured to make a lean corned beef.  Or a lean pastrami when smoked?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Or cure it and dry it for dried beef.
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I use the eye of round for jerky, extremely lean. Excellent for jerky!

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