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Masterbuilt Automatic Temperature Regulator

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So over Thanksgiving my Father in law brought his Turkey Fryer over.  He has an automatic temperature regulator that once he sets the temp desired, the regulator will automatically adjust the flame to keep the temperature consistent. 


Is there something that can be used to do the same for my Vertical Propane Smoker?  I have tried searching and have found countless electric temp controllers. 


I greatly appreciate all help!!



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What brand and model is it?  How does it work?

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I'm not 100% sure of the model number because it was given to me.  But this is what it looks like, except mine has two circular vents on each side of the box, about at the same level as the burner.

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I was thinking about the regulator. Brand and model or explain how it works!

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OH!!! The current one is what came OEM.  It is just a knob, has High and Low settings.  The problem I am getting are temperature fluctuations.  I am having to constantly monitor and adjust the vent's opening and/or having to turn up or down the knob.  I smoked a 10lb brisket as my first meal and it turned out pretty good, but I had to start it at 3am and didn't get much sleep because I had to constantly adjust the temperature. 

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Somewhere, I have one of the thermostats.  I bought it online, only it would not fit the larger threads of my Bayou classic burner, so I have never tried it.  From my search results, they no longer sell them.


They use no electricity.  You unhook the hose from your burner, thread the thermostat into the burner, then thread the hose into the thermostat.

It has an attached thermocouple that, I assume, mechanically adjusts a pressure regulator, or flow valve.  The fuel flow rate of a turkey fryer is much higher than a small propane smoker like you have.  The valve may not adjust this down low enough, it just depends.  I know when my fried turkeys are almost done, I have to turn the burner way down.


It certainly would be a heck of a tool if they will work.



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Yea no kidding!! I am sure there is someway to get it to work.  Would be amazing to be able to pop a brisket in at 3am and not have to hoover over my thermo watching the temp. 

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