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Cheese smoke

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Bad planning as I ran out of cheese so it's a nice cool day and time to catch up a little.

Doing Colby,sharp Cheddar , pepper jack and one block of Swiss I grabbed by mistake. I figured what the heck try it.

 Hickory in the amazin .


Nice TBS. Hard to see.

See what happens in 3 hours.

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Nice looking smoke and cheese.  You got to love the amps for cheese.  Try a cup of the Swiss shredded in a can of tomato soup.  I use 1/2 the milk.  Makes it creamy and smokey.



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Looks great.


My wife loves smoked swiss.

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Looks great!  i did all those waiting for Superbowl.



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Now for the wait!!! Always a long couple
Of weeks.
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Nice looking Cheesus!!!
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