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and was wondering if it would work out ok. I use the AMZNP ? and it would work a lot better if it were in an external housing like the mailbox.


So, this is a picture of the side of my MB showing the vent and an attachment that is meant to be able to attach the propane tank. I never use it for that so I was thinking of using it to attach the mailbox.

The size of the vent is approx. 4.5" in diameter and I can take the movable vent plate off leaving the 4 holes. 

Should I cut the vent to get rid of those arms sticking into the hole, making it a full circle ?

The vent on my MB is quite a bit lower along the side of the smoker than is the MES and would that make any difference ? That is the smoke is being introduced into the smoker a lot closer to the burner than in the MES.


Also, if I could figure out a way to hang the mailbox from the propane tank attachment rather than to set it on top, I think I could get closer to a straight in path.


What do you think  and thanks.