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Started My Fridge Build

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Almost done the tear down. So far it was pretty easy. Everything was connected with screws and it all came apart as planned. All I have left is to pull the plastic rack pegs and the plastic trim on the inside at the front. Left that for another day since it seems to be well connected, and is going to probably have to be cracked and broken in order to pry it off.

I need a bit of advice here...

1 - Should I strip the paint from the inside? Or will seasoning it make it safe?

2 - Will the fiberglass all have to be taken out? I am unsure what its heat tolerance is (see pic 7).

3 - Anyone know of any specific insulation that can be used to seal between the inner and outer shells? A few places have large gaps that will need to be filled (see Pic 7).


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I would think that enameled interior is going to be fine.  Once you get a seasoning layer of smoke on it, it should be ok.


As to the insulation, fiberglass insulation is just fine for the temps we are talking about.  Just make sure there is no paper facing on the fiberglass.  If there is, you can replace it with unfaced fiberglass which would also work for filling those voids you mentioned.  The other option is mineral wool batting, but plain old unfaced fiberglass will work just fine for the normal smoker temps of 250* of less.  Unfaced means just the raw spun fiberglass "wool".  If you can't find it, you can strip the paper facing off common batting material.  You do not want any sort of facing or encapsulation material on the fiberglass.


Here is a engineering chart of common insulation temperature tolerances I found.  Also note the low ratings for the foam insulation. You were lucky to find a fridge with fiberglass or else you would end up trying to scrape all the foam out (and if you have any in yours, please take it out and replace it as the most common foam in refrigerators is polyurethane which does not have a high temperature rating at all).


Insulation Material Temperature Range
Low High
(oC) (oF) (oC) (oF)
Calcium Silicate -18 0 650 1200
Cellular Glass -260 -450 480 900
Elastomeric foam -55 -70 120 250
Fiberglass -30 -20 540 1000
Mineral Wool, Ceramic fiber     1200 2200
Mineral Wool, Glass 0 32 250 480
Mineral Wool, Stone 0 32 760 1400
Phenolic foam     150 300
Polyisocyanurate or polyiso -180 -290 150 300
Polystyrene -50 -60 75 165
Polyurethane -210 -350 120 250
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Thank you very much for the info! Yes, it is ALL fibreglass insulation. There was one piece of foam at the rear behind the panel that I removed in order to remove the freezer component. It was one piece and came out easily. I used a straightened wire hanger to check inside the walls and it is all fibreglass in there as well.

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Insert torn out. Out in the spring sunshine to remove the black gunk and grind down the rust. Black gunk pulled off like loose caulking, all in one piece. I'll clean with solvent to be sure before re-sealing with the high heat food safe caulking. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Just strapped for time to work on it.
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Saw your other post asking about finding components in Canada. How did you make out? decide on controls, heat and smoke source? Just getting my build underway here in Saskatoon.

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Haven't found a source yet. Doing electric with a charcoal bin so it does coal fired as well as electric. I'll be ordering an AMAZIN smoker for when doing electric. Still need element/control and thermometer. You have a source?
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im on the west coast.....

this is what i used in my freezer build.






door gasket:

3/4" 3/4" 3/8"
5, 10, 36
9141K923 2.66 2.26


not sure about posting links so i will PM you





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Thanks Goliath!

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i found your other post about finding what ya needed, this is a more extravagant bit of equipment but it sure is bullet proof. PLUG AND PLAY !!!!!
i found it to be worth every penny. i also have a Maverick E-732 as my remote wireless thermometer. actually just bought another for my pellet grill. can get it online on free shipping.



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I really recommend the same unit Goliath is using. I just got one myself. I mounted it in a control box so I can add more controls and make it easier to permanently mount it to the smokehouse. add controls for fans and a plug to connect an aquarium pump for a smoke generator.




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