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Full cold smoke today

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This is one time that the amazen pellet box does a great job: cold smoking! I've got a full load of cheeses, dozen hard boiled eggs, and 3# raw onions. Testing the onions for a chicken/onion soup tonight just for fun. I've got colby jack, swiss, marbled cheddar, colby, and mozzarella blocks cut down, along with some fresh mozzarella I found on sale for $0.99/8 oz packages. That same package was on sale the following week for $2.99, wish I'd bought all they had on the shelf. I think I have over 20#'s of cheese in here this morning.


I've gotten to where I now watch meat & cheese that is on sale each week! I don't think I've ever bought "fancy" cheese, but family sure gets a kick out of smoking this stuff.


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Any finished product pictures, interested in the onion and how they turned out.

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Wow!!  That's a Load!!!Thumbs Up


Looks Great !!!---Any finished pics?


Glad Little Smokey bumped this---Like everybody else, I was missing this post !!




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I just did my first cheese yesterday, well a trial run any way.  I am sure we will be hooked after that and my MES 30 will look like his above.  I smoked Pepper Jack, Monterrey, and Colby Jack using hickory for about 3 hours.  They sat out at room temp in the kitchen for about 6 hours then vacuum sealed and placed in the col basement which stays about 65 degrees all winter.  Now the wait is on for the taste test.  They were small blocks so I cut them in half so I can age some for two weeks and the rest for a month or longer.  I am sure in two weeks I will be at Costco buying up 50lbs of cheese to stock up for the summer, just like everything else I try from this website.

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if your gonna do it right...load that puppy up...looks great!!

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