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Brisket on electric smoker

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We've smoked salmon and pork loin (thanks everyone for the help), but really want to do a melt in your mouth brisket. We have an elective smoker that only has one steady temp (I think it's 225 deg).
What size do you recommend? There are only 2 of us, but if it turns out well we'll share at our Friday night app & drink group. So if we need larger than we can eat we're okay with that.
Should we inject to get it tender, like we do the pork loin? We have a Texas rub we like so we'll use that. What IT? How long should that take at 225 deg? We live in SoCal so we can grill /smoke year round.
We'll have the foil, towels and cooler ready to let it rest.
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I've only smoked brisket flats on my Bradley electric but they have always turned out great. A smaller flat from grocery store usualy makes 2 - 3 meals for wife and I. Medium size flat from butcher shop 4 - 6 meals. I usually just rub with SPOG, 2:1:1:1. I usually smoke for 1/2 estimated cook time, with hickory and pecan to IT of 185* to 190*. Wrap in foil, towels and into cooler for min of 1 hr, 2 if I have the time. No fails so far.
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