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Made snack sticks for college boy

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Made 5# of snack sticks for #1 son to take back to school with him when he leaves tomorrow.

He'll also take some jalapeño cheese sausage, jerky, pork and rice sausage, and summer sausage...

Sometimes I think he only comes home for the care packages!


In the smoker

Chilled and bloomed

Ready to package

Ready to freeze

He and I love to make sausages and cook in the smokers when he's home.

#2 son and I smoked for the family at Christmas, he also loves the smoke!

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Looks great - way to pass down your heritage, but I bet you will be sending him more soon, that wont last him and his buddies very long,


just Idea send him some smoked cheeses, or smoked pretzels very fast and easy to do,


Good luck them sticks look great and Welcome to SMF

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Yep... What a waste of vacuum Bet they dont even make it to school........ Nice looking sticks.................Thumbs Up

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From experience with kids in college and such, they always want these care packages given to them.  In fact, with one of Better halves kids going back for second and probably third and fourth, for the past 6 years theses care packages have been leaving this house for places asunder.



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