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Jerky in FD-80

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Making jerky in my NESCO FD-80. Eye Round roast .25 strips marinated in soy/Worcestershire & spices. I have one clean a screen. Should I put parchment paper down or just plan on some extra cleaning. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Parchment in some dehydrators blocks air flow.... Not good.... you will have to make that call.....
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OK thanks good point. Will do some extra cleaning. Would I be better off not using the clean a screen for better airflow.
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I happen to have a batch of ground meat jerky going in that same machine right now. I have found good hot water and dish detergent + a table spoon of bleach per gal. water cleans up quite easily. Since it is plastic nothing really sticks to the racks. I have never used any of the jerky recipes with BBQ sauce in it however, because most plastics will stain with tomato based sauces. Also use a toothbrush style brush to clean between the grids of the racks. I have also drilled a small hole into one rack and inserted a stem type thermometer into the machine to check preheat temp. of 160 and to monitor drying temp through out.

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