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messing up salamis

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Hello I am a newbie to this Posting and dry salami's. Not new to smoking. I am from st.louis mo. Love hunting, welding, building crazy things and meat. I have made tons of jerky and summer sausages so decided trying my hand at fermented meat. Has not gone so well and after a little interweb search i found this awesome place. here is a pic at my first attempt wich is 28 days in to it and I thing I have case hardened them at least from my short read on here. Well that's me so I am off to try and learn more thanks
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The mold appears to be the correct color..... Try adding a salt brine solution to increase the humidity...

.... click on pic to enlarge .....

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I used len poli finocchiona recipe only changing the bactoferm out with yogert as I could not get my hands on it I has Ben in smoker at 50-60° and 70% r/h for 28 days the outside is hard but inside is soft ad can be had some funky mold at day 5 and got scared so washed with 50/50 water vinager now thay look at some outside so I am cutting one open to show inside and see if anyone has anything to say dose not smell bad just not right
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same recipe same batch just snack stick size case
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I don't know much about fermenting sausage.... Did you check the pH of the sausage..... I'm concerned that bacteria could be growing as the water activity level has not been lowered due to the case hardening...

Did the recipe call for 70% RH.... If case hardening happened, that RH must be too low... or the temp too low or a combination of both......

Perhaps nepas or DDF will stop in here.... Like I say... I don't know much... probably enough to be "dangerous" as they say....

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I had similar problems when I started.  Trying to save money I used hydrated mold off store bought salami etc...then I bought some powdered mold (600 Backtofirm) works like a charm.  The mold grows quickly and covers the entire casing.  The packet cost me $40 a few years ago and I still have quite a bit left.  I hydrate it in a plastic bottle and spray the meat a few times.  I now spray everything I cure.  Good luck C 

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