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Originally Posted by worktogthr View Post

I am a cheese fanatic...never had one I didn't like.. But when I want a burger or a sandwich, there is nothing better than processed American cheese...love it in omelets too. My friends all kill me for ordering a sliced steak sandwich at our local pub and asking for American instead of the fancy ass cheddar it comes with. And velveeta is the fakest of all but in my opinion the best...melts beautifully.

The only cheese I've never liked was muenster and whatever was used on a pizza I only had a bite of two while I was in Sicily many years back.  As far as American cheese goes I guess I've become a bit of a snob.  I'll only buy Kraft Deluxe at the store but not picky when eating out.  Trying to figure out a way to smoke that Kraft Deluxe but not so sure the smoke will penetrate the individual plastic wraps...lol

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Oh my, what a list this can be.....

Potato chips, mayo, and American cheese sandwich

Banana and mayo on toast, dash of salt, sometimes add peanut butter

Ramen, no broth, season packet, cheese

Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich (green stuffed olives can be subbed for pickles)

sardine, Vidalia onion, braunschweiger, hot sauce, mustard on cracker

Smoked crappie, folded into soften cream cheese

Colby cheese in a bowl microwaved until melted.  Fork into face.

bacon and peanut butter sandwich

mac n cheese with shrimp cocktail sauce.  Or ketchup.


Hell, I'm a fat guy.  Feed me anything.

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Spam Parmesan. There, I said it. Breaded, fried, then into the pan layered with mozz, provolone, and marinara. Problem is nobody in my house will touch it. Actually, more for me! 

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Originally Posted by aboynamedsue View Post

Potato chips, mayo, and American cheese sandwich

You have a new best friend. :77:

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Jees Danny

What a thread.  You've brought back memories I haven't even concidered for decades.  Thank you.  For me it is Lipton Chicken noodle soupe--the dry/add water/cheepo stuff.  Always been my sick/comfort food.  Gotta tell you though, I hate hot dogs, but love love sausages--much better grade of lips and ass**oles.  LOL I grew up just after the depression and we didn't have much money--everything was really watched and everything on the plate was eaten--now or later

Thanks again


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Hey Sue

You are a sick puppy.  Unfortunately, I see a lot of stuff on your list that looks and sounds really GOOD.  That's sad. LOL


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Hey Danny

Somehow, my post got lost.  For me my DLS is Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup--the dry/add water and boil/cheepo kind.  Always has been. If I'm sick or cold or whatever that's my goto


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Alright, I think I'll confess.


1- creamed corn right from the pantry to an open can with a spoon.  No dishes to clean!

2- Kraft mac and cheese, powdered cheese

3- spam  (found some in bacon flavor I need to try)

4- mix 2 and 3 - Yummy!

5- roman noodles cooked in microwave, drained and placed in a small bowl or insulated car drink mug, best foods, mayo, drained can of tuna, salt, pepper and mix it together sprinkle a bit of grated cheese on it and microwave 30 seconds or so to make it hot.  Good quick lunch!  You can skip the microwave if you make it fast enough and don't let it get cold!  I used to make this at work since we had access to real hot water, but nothing else to cook with including a microwave.

6- Creamed tuna on toast.


If I can make something from scratch, I much prefer that, but those things above I just need once in a while.



Keep smokin'

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Hey Mel

For some strange reason, I can relate to and apprciate all of this????? I'm fully aware that this is very sick. Of course, the hounds love it when I have tuna, as they get the tuna juice on their food.


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Hey Red

 WTH is a Poolle Dix.  Never heard that term before


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Hey Danny

You sure opend up a can of worms here.  Just love this thread.  I'm learning about dls that I didn't even know existed  . Gonna have to try them all out.  Thanks from the heart


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Originally Posted by Demosthenes9 View Post

For those of us old school folks who have a grease jar/can on the counter, a drippings sandwich.   Slather some bacon drippings from the can onto a piece of lightly toasted bread then put back in the toaster for a few seconds to heat the drippings up.



Oh, and the best part about eating a nicely cooked piece of beef is sopping up the juices/drippings with a warm buttered piece of baguette.

Yes, there is nothing better, cook some bacon, then remove it. The pan, drop a slice of bread in the bacon grease, leave it for minute, YUMMY is all I can say.  I do that every time We make bacon.

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Hello Gary.  Glad those memories are coming back.  That's one reason I started this thread.  Remembering the things Mom and Grandma fed ya are great memories we should not forget.  These things also become "comfort" food as we get older.  We can't explain why we eat this cheap stuff but we just HAVE TO eat it now and then.  I have seen a few on here that surprised me and maybe even a few I just might try;  behind closed doors and in the privacy of my own home you understand.  :icon_biggrin:  Ramen noodles is something I have not tried.  My step-Mom worked as a prison guard.  Since smoking is no longer allowed inside prisons; Ramen noodles have become one of the new forms of currency among the inmates.  Jut trivia you didn't need to know.  The wife likes sardines in tomato sauce but they must be put in the fridge the nite before.  Just can't get in to eating bait.  The English do have an item seen on many restaurant menus called white bait.  Just little tiny fish that has been cooked.  Hair, hide, bones and the brown spot under the tail.  No thanks.   Keep the interesting food combos coming.  Keep Smokin!


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Originally Posted by Chuckles View Post

Scrambled eggs topped with grape jelly. Strawberry will do in a pinch, but grape is the best by far.

LOVE this also !!!


 Now I am a young guy when it comes to liking what I am to say next. Sous or Sows(depending where you are in the country) and mustard on ritz crackers.

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What a great thread!


When I was a kid, my mom used to give me leftovers of all kinds in my lunch. 

I would never know what was going to be in there.


Some of the weirdest sandwiches she made me includes: 

Baked beans (nothing else, just cold baked beans),

Cream cheese and black olives.

Spam with lettuce and mustard (cold right out of the can with that nasty gel still on it).


Once I moved out, I adopted this one of her concoctions:

A can of Campbell's Beef with vegetables and barley soup, heated up with NO WATER so it was thick like a stew, served over a bed of Instant mashed potatoes.


My own additions:

A can of chili heated up and stirred into a box of the Velveeta shells and cheese

Spread some sour cream onto bread or some kind of a dinner roll will hold you over.


I fell in love with SOS when I was in the Army.  Whether it was ham or beef, it didn't matter.  My wife will still surprise me with it every once in a while.

Same thing with corned beef hash - fried up so that it's got crispy chunks in it with fried eggs! YUM!

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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post

Vienna sausages. LOVE THEM.

yep and spam.

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Danny, 'ello ,Mate. I rushed through the post and saw no mention of good old Bologna :drool( a whole Chub) , slow smoked and glazed with a sauce, very good and a bit less expensive than other goodies. Of course I do the Spam (Hawaiian BBQ :ROTF) and enjoy doing Viennas the same way , when pressed for a Smoke. :drool


Try canned veggies that have been heated in a Smoker ,Creamed Corn , Peas, whatever... whole fresh veggies are hard to beat , like " Stickleback Potatoes" - sliced almost through and fanned with S/P and Butter , then smoked to doneness.


Hope this gives an idea , basically , Smoke anything . . .:biggrin:


Have fun and . . .

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Originally Posted by Palladini View Post

Yes, there is nothing better, cook some bacon, then remove it. The pan, drop a slice of bread in the bacon grease, leave it for minute, YUMMY is all I can say.  I do that every time We make bacon.

LOL - I came from a more "humble" upbringing than my wife. Soon after we moved in together she asked why I keep a coffee mug of bacon grease in the fridge? I just smiled and pulled out the toaster and said "Let me show you something"....


Over time though I have developed a taste for the finer things, but I'd have to say my favorite simple "heat and eat" item is cheap freezer pizzas. I always throw more cheese and sauce on, but that is my favorite cheap comfort food.

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If I'm buying macaroni and cheese, it has to be the standard Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, and I add sliced hotdogs!

Another one is grilled cheese. I have to use the Kraft Singles "cheese", dipped in tomato soup.

If I didn't have chops in the smoker now, I'd probably make the grilled cheese right now, because I just made myself hungry for it.
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:ROTF  I have had more fun reading things in this thread.  I also read them to the wife.  Sometimes we turn our nose up and sometimes we say hmmmm.  The last post by TG is typical.  Kraft Mac and Cheese with sliced hot dogs.  Now how much more cheap and nasty can ya get??  It is on the menu for next week.  :icon_biggrin:  Glad folks are enjoying and participating.  Keep 'em coming.


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