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Smoked Country Rib Soup : Japanese Style With Qview

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Howdy all!


This past Sunday, I smoked up some Country Style Pork ribs on the ECB (Posted Here


Yesterday, I decided to tel a few and make myself and the "Boss" some Soup to warm her up (it was a Bone Chilling 60 degrees out here in Yuma! ) :biggrin:


Some here are my 3 Ribs, ready for the "Chunking". The Ribs were rubbed with Salt, Pepper and Ground Ginger before heading to the smoker for 9 hours at somewhere between 200 and 300 degrees (the ECB wasn't cooperating very well) to an internal temp of 175.



I cut them up into fairly bit size, or slightly larger pieces an dumped them into the smaller of the 2 Le Crueset Dutch Ovens we have.



Next I cut up some veggies, I didn't have any onion, but it would go very well, so I used:


- Napa Cabbage: 4 Leaves of  cut to ~1/2"

- Shitake Mushrooms: about 1 cup of slices

- Daikon (Asian Radish): about 3/4 Cup cut to bite size

- Enoki Mushrooms: 1/2 of a Package

- 1 Bag of Dashi (Bonito fish soup stock): my wife has these in a tea bag style pouch the you leave in the soup floating around

- Water: 3 cups



You throw it on the stove and bring it to a boil, the back it off to a simmer until the veggies are tender.


Now you can eat it just like that, or go a step further, you can do what my wife did and finished it off by adding Miso Paste. Miso if an outstanding flavor, but it can make it very Salty in a hurry, you basically Scoop it up in a large spoon, dip it into the soup, and then use another spoon to dissolve it off the large spoon and into the soup. Add to taste.



As the say... ' Soups On!"

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Hello Bow.  That just looks like something I gotta try on a cold English winter day.  I know a few thickened soups and stew recipes but for some reason I do like the thin clear type also.  My English wife has a hard time getting her head to think it's right but she is coming around.  "Soup is suppose to be thick and hardy as in cream of ** soup; and served with thick sliced crunchy bread."  Got nothing against that, and they are great ,but I also make a clear version using beef and one with chicken.  The Japanese influence with the Bonito flakes and such sound great.  Isn't it great when you can combine two cultures and end up with some good eats?  Just a dumb south Tx. redneck but I had no idea yorkshire pudding was a bread.  Also never ate a parsnip, kale or leeks before coming here.  They just aren't that popular back in south TX..   I am sure some folks eat them and I saw them in the store, I just didn't know what to do with 'em.  :icon_biggrin:  Thanks for posting.  Saved for future trial; sounds good!  Keep Smokin!


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Sounds tasty! I'm all about soups this time of year. I really enjoy making PHO and your recipe is right up there! The only problem I have here is getting the ingredients. We don't have an Asian food market so its whatever the grocery store has. 

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Thanks for the replies, Gents!

Hope you all had a fine Holiday.




Hmmm.. PHO.... I miss having a local Vietnamese place around here...


As odd as it seems, you can get the Ajinomoto - Hon Dashi (Soup Stock) from Amazon, if you can't find it local.... just a thought.




Thick soups are tasty, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes you might want something a bit "lighter"... if you get a chance, give it a try.


Let me know how it turns out

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I may give this a try with all of the leftover rib tips I've got in my freezer. Thanks for sharing!
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That is some great looking soup Bow!


Thanks for sharing.



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Yum.....looks like a winner. Like everything in there and the broth sounds heavenly with the Dashi & Miso. Me thinks some ramen noodles and/or smoked tofu would be fine additions as well and a coupla tablespoons of Siracha...LMAO......Willie

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Thanks gents!

Udon noodles work very well too.... And it is perfect for taking care of leftovers
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Bow-Chan, afternoon...... Bone chilling 60..... You bet soup's required.... and a fine looking soup too.... Great tutorial....

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Stunning looking soup. I feel warmer just looking at it.



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